In this Video Tobias talks about his perspective of the postpartum or the time after the birth! He share his story about how it was the time after the birth, how he felt. How it feels to be a dad, expectations vs reality of being a dad. He also talks about how many men cheating on their pregnant partner, as well as how it is with the sex life after having a baby as well as how it works to have sex after the birth, how long we waited to have sex, as well as tips for how to have sex after the birth. He also tells about what he miss from the time we were a couple and as well benefit from having a baby.

Watch the Video:

This is a true and honest story from a partner to a a woman that given birth. Feel free to share this video to other partners that can benefit from this video.

Our Home Birth Video:
Our video about Elimination Communication:
Our video about Lotus Birth (keeping the placenta attached):


We been living inn Bali for a long time and can´t believe this happening in Bali, you will see in the video what we mean follow us on a day ion our life here in Bali. We also meet up with some beautiful souls that go under the name Love and Simply Sugar Twin Flames. They just start travel the world and let the universe guide them, really beautiful people!


In this video I talk about how my body feels after have giving birth.
Things that they never tell you and talk about. I will talk about the bleeding after the birth, if my period is back after the birth, how to have sex after the birth and when to have sex after the birth. I will also share about caked breast or breast infection in, how to treat caked breast naturally as well as postpartum depression, Baby blues and if I had it. I will also share how my belly look like now 5 months after giving birth.
This and a lot like how your body feels after giving birth, what happen with your body after birth, how I felt mentally after this amazing experience of having a baby.
If you are pregnant, this is a very good video to watch so you can get an picture of how you can feel after giving birth.


Free hotel stays, free resort stays, free meals and products by use your Instagram is one way to work online. Or simply get paid by companies by market their products! Another is to earn money on youtube or your blog.
In this video we talk about how we earn our income and are able to travel and enjoy life the way we do. This been a requested video from our followers, so today we were out walking inn the beautiful rice fields of Bal1. We happened to have our camera with us so we decided to shot this video about our earnings and how we make a living by our passion.
So todays “Random Wednesday is about how we earn our money!
Disclaimer: This might sound easy but it is not for everyone and it takes time, hard work, blood sweat and tears and be persistent to be able to do this. Long as you have a vision and a goal and know that nothing can stop you you have all chances to success!


Cosleeping, How do we sleep with our baby!

Many people have asked us

– How do you guys sleep? Do Aurora sleep in a separate bed or toghether with you?

And the answer is, of course we co sleep. We all sleep toghether in the same bed. It’s so wonderful and Aurora really likes it.

Aurora have here little Baby nest that she TOTALLY LOVES 💕👶🏼.

She have lived it from the first day and sleeps really good in it.

It’s also feels good for us to know that she is laying there safe in between us.

Aurora never screams in the night, she have never done it, she only starts moving a lot and then we know she needs to go to the toilet (as we do EC Elimination Communication and also same when she wants to breast feed. After she falls asleep again.

She is close by and can always get our attention when she needs it💕🙏.

The baby nest is super convenient, and we always bring it with us if we go to resorts and sleeps somewhere else. Easy to take with us and Aurora can feel safe and comfortable 🙏💕.

It’s so wonderful to sleep together, so fantastic to wake up and see a big smile from Aurora the first thing wen you open your eyes.

Co sleeping is so natural and feels so wonderful to us.

So here is how we sleep 👶🏼💕💤👫

Lots of love
Melanie, T
cious Family


EC or as it stand for Elimination Communication is a gentle, non-coercive way to respond to a baby’s natural hygiene needs.



We started it from birth and are so happy we did it. It feels so natural and we se that Aurora really like it.


Like all mammals, human babies instinctually resist soiling themselves, their sleep space, and their caregivers, and they clearly communicate about it from birth.


With EC, we learn to se Auroras signals and assist her with this process until she naturally can go by her self.


Usually this is around 9-18 mounts old.


We have done a video when we talk about EC, how we do, how it has been and how we like it.

Lots of Love

Melanie, Tobias and Aurora

Love Conscious Family