Videos says more than words sometimes! Now we spent over a month here in Bali, we just found the perfect house we like and moved in, and in this blog you a tour of our fantastic house. To live in Bali you can get some of the most beautiful houses to a decent price. Think about it, wake up to a breeze from the rice fields or wind from the palm forest. Intake the day with some fantastic warm tropical breeze, smell the incense from a offering in your house temple ot outside the door.

That is what we waking up to every morning here in beautiful Bali, Ubud. In this video you will see a house tour and some other adventures that comes up during the day, we are also promise some nice durian adventures:


Lots of Love From Bali!




Update from Bali!

We have not blog or does any videos in a while from Bali, why? Well we are out and looking for the perfect Villa/House to rent for our purpose here in Bali. But more videos will come soon, here is a lite Bali Update video for you all:

Travel with us to a secret destination!

Now it´s time for us to go out on some amazing adventures again! We start from Stockholm, Arlanda Airport. You will have the pleasure to join us during the whole trip! But we start here on the airport were we checked in to Clarion Hotel Arlanda and we have made a video blog of our first night towards this secret destination!
Here is the video!!


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