In this Video Tobias talks about his perspective of the postpartum or the time after the birth! He share his story about how it was the time after the birth, how he felt. How it feels to be a dad, expectations vs reality of being a dad. He also talks about how many men cheating on their pregnant partner, as well as how it is with the sex life after having a baby as well as how it works to have sex after the birth, how long we waited to have sex, as well as tips for how to have sex after the birth. He also tells about what he miss from the time we were a couple and as well benefit from having a baby.

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This is a true and honest story from a partner to a a woman that given birth. Feel free to share this video to other partners that can benefit from this video.

Our Home Birth Video:
Our video about Elimination Communication:
Our video about Lotus Birth (keeping the placenta attached):


That is a question we will answer and many more things in the blog from Bali!. Follow our new family adventures here in the tropics.
We started this journey as vegan family travel as we are Love Conscious Family now, we talk about how it feels to now become parents, how does it actually feel when someone sucking on your breast/tits a lot during the whole day,

Our Natural Home Birth in Bali (VIDEO)

Our Natural Home Birth in Bali

Now we release our most sensitive and beautiful video we ever done. This means a lot to us and we have filmed the beautiful birth of our daughter Aurora. We are so happy to share it with you to inspire people as giving birth at home is the most natural way!


We flu from Sweden to the other side of the world to give birth in Bali, some of the most beautiful places we know. From the first time we were here we decided that if we were going to have kids some day, we were going to give birth at home in Bali. This birth took placein our villa we rent here in Bali and we had a pool prepared for a water birth. Having a home birth is also a lot of preparations especially when we flu all the way from Sweden to give birth.

We started plan the birth directly when we found out we were expecting a miracle 2 months into the pregnancy, what we would bring with us, planning and contacting midwifes, landing in Bali and starting to look for a safe, quite and clean place with a good energy. We found a good house and started to prepare for the birth, filling up with good snacks, good fruits water and coconut that we could drink and eat during and after the birth. Filling the home with love and flowers to be all set for the birth.

By our side we had 3 midwifes they were totally amazing and helped us out with the birth but still gave us the room to ”BE” as a couple mostly by ourselves to experience this amazing process that it actually is to be in a labour. With this video we want to share with you a beautiful

Fantastic and calm home birth.

Please watch this video with respect as we letting you into the deepest and most beautiful experience we had so far in life. To become a family, to create a new beautiful soul into this planet and now we share this amazing moment with you.

For us home birth the most natural way to give birth, at home with your love ones and not in a hospital were lot of strange machines are around you. Have hard to relax with your partner and lots of people running around, changing midwifes etc.

We wanted to have a natural birth with no painkillers as we know how powerful the woman body is, as the body know how to give birth in a natural way that woman have done it for eons. We wanted to be there physically, spiritually and emotionally in every moment. Embracing the power within, focus on the love, gratitude and the wonderful miracle it is.

Our beautiful Aurora Duriana Wayan Klaamas came out in a very special way, the star did not break so she came out in Caul. Spiritually it means she was born as a healer, will always have good luck and supernatural powers.

With this said we do not judge anyone for the way they want to give birth. Do you prefer to be in a hospital, clinic or somewhere else total respect to

You, we are all different and want our birth in different ways. If you feel more safer to give birth in a hospital, clinic you should give birth there but with this video we want to show you an alternative way to the ”traditional” birth.

Please share this beautiful video of the most wonderful experience in our life to inspire many more people!

Lots of Love
Tobias, Melanie and Aurora
Love Conscious Family


In this episode we will show you what we brought to Bali for the coming abs. We give you a tour in a babys wardrobe, let´s call it the unborn baby s look book 👶🏼
Here is the video we made:
The baby can come any day so we are very exited to show you all fantastic things like baby clothes. dipers and all other cute baby accessors we got, as we packed our bags with mostly baby stuff.
Most of the things is organic and in natural materials!

Here is a list of brands were you can find in the video:

🛌 Babynest/Snabelreden: (discount code LCF10 to get 10% discount)

🛌 Babynest Sweden:

👕 Lundmyr of Sweden:

👕 Little Bloom:

👕 Baby Sling Aldoria:

👕Little Bloom:

👕 Scandinavian Eco:

👕 Green Racoon:

👕 Les Enphants:

💧 Cloth dipers:




Lots of Love
Tobias and Melanie


Today s video is a very important video were we talk about why we choose to give birth at home and not in a hospital. We give you our perspective as we feel we need to talk abut this with you! As this is our pinion and we feel that home birth is one of the most safe and comfortable way to give birth during a healthy prewgnancy. You will here our opinion in this topic!
We will also talk about why we chose to give birth in Bali of all places and not in “secure Sweden” were we are from.
We also want to mention that this is only our thaughts and perspective of how a birth should take place and not judege anyone else with other opinions and give totally respect to all couples that choose to give birth in hospital.
So as always, sit down relax and enjoy our video!