Today we “Eco Pimp” Melanies parents summerhouse in Sweden with some nice organic FSC-Marked stuff from Bäddsoff Experten. We made an video about it you can watch here!


We Eco pimp Melanies parents summerhouse here in Sweden to make it super nice with Bäddsoff Experten! Check this video when we furnish and make it look much more eco friendly!

The products we use come from Bäddsoff Experten and are listed below:

Sofa Bed:
Baby Nest:
Sofa Table:
Futon Bed:



Organic house inspiration! Our vision!

Think about how wonderful it would be to build and live in an Organic/natural house in and with mother nature! With natural materials and foused on the natural surroundings.

To be able to wake up refreshed and the first you se is materials and plants from mother nature.

A house build with natural materials that are good for your health, mind, spirit and the earth.

A lot of wood, stone, plants, water etc

A wonderful place to come home to between our travels, ware our kids can run around and be close to nature. Were we can grow our own vegetables, herbs, fruits and berries inside, outside and in a greenhouse.

To have a open space with natural ventilation. Have a guesthouse/ room so friends and family can come and visit.

This is our dream!

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