Saffrans Vegme med bönpasta

Hösten är här med dess härliga färger och lite små ruggiga kvällar. Det är otroligt hyr snabbt tiden går och snart är det faktiskt Jul. Vi har därför gått in i köket och skapat en härlig höstlig kreation och gastronomiskt smakäventyr. Nämligen denna härliga Saffrans (en krydda vi i Sverige använder för lite av i köket) vegme med bönpasta! 

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Tallinn, vilken underbar stad

Ibland är det härligt att bara byta miljö! Man kanske är sugen på en resa men det stämmer just för tiden inte att åka längre bort, eller man kanske inte vill spendera allt för mycket men helt enkelt vill komma bort en stund. Det var så vi kände i våras då vi jobbat väldigt mycket och verkligen behövde ett litet avbrott i vardagen. Då kom vi på den geniala iden att boka en tur till Estland, Tallinn med färja Melanie s farmor och farfar är ju från Estland så det är ju extra kul att se detta ställe!

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Worlds smallest Mango ?

Do you love Mango? We love mango and its amazing tropical smell, always when you feel the smell you think yourself away to some of our adventures around the world! We remember when we were in Singapore and got on a sightseeing by a local on places you normally never visit. We got into a forest and there was one of the biggest mango tree we ever seen and the smell from it was just amazing! Like a punch in your face of mango-mania.

There are so many mango types in the world so we want to share our latest video about Mango, it is a mango from Egypt that is one of the smallest mangoes we ever seen. Got it from a friend Samir who is from Egypt and he brought it from there to share some of his homecontries fruits when he heard we love to open and explore fruits from all around the world. So thank you so much Samir for make this video possible!


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Organic house inspiration! Our vision!

Think about how wonderful it would be to build and live in an Organic/natural house in and with mother nature! With natural materials and foused on the natural surroundings.

To be able to wake up refreshed and the first you se is materials and plants from mother nature.

A house build with natural materials that are good for your health, mind, spirit and the earth.

A lot of wood, stone, plants, water etc

A wonderful place to come home to between our travels, ware our kids can run around and be close to nature. Were we can grow our own vegetables, herbs, fruits and berries inside, outside and in a greenhouse.

To have a open space with natural ventilation. Have a guesthouse/ room so friends and family can come and visit.

This is our dream!

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As some of you know we have passion for traveling and another main interest is eating and explore new dishes and restaurants around the world. In this blog post we will reveal our Top 7 Vegan Restaurants in the World. The list have no specific order it is just 7 of the best restaurants we been eaten at. Hope you will like this guide to our hidden places in the world were we had our best Vegan gastronomic moments, so lets start!

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 09.55.20
Beautiful plated food at Moksa, Ubud, Bali


We teamed up with and give you the chance to win an unforgettable trip to NYC. As New York is one of the most amazing city in the world we feel iot has to be on the bucket list to travel this amazing city! The site is in Swedish but all you need to do is write why you want to win and sign up for thie news letter and it is with that email you sign in to you will be able to get contacted on if you win the prize!

Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 20.33.58

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