Today we “Eco Pimp” Melanies parents summerhouse in Sweden with some nice organic FSC-Marked stuff from Bäddsoff Experten. We made an video about it you can watch here!


We Eco pimp Melanies parents summerhouse here in Sweden to make it super nice with Bäddsoff Experten! Check this video when we furnish and make it look much more eco friendly!

The products we use come from Bäddsoff Experten and are listed below:

Sofa Bed:
Baby Nest:
Sofa Table:
Futon Bed:



Vad vi åt veganskt då vi reser med flyg, avslöjar vår hemliga destination!

Hej hopp!
Nu ska ni äntligen få reda på var hemliga destination, men före det ska ni få följa me doss 
from det att vi liver på planet, få se vad vi äter då vi reser långflygningar och säkerligen få tips på vad ni kan ha med er då ni ska ut och resa. Kan redan nu säga att Singapore Airlines håller väldigt bra när det gäller vegan mat. Här kommer video bligen från denna underbara hit resa:


Nu sitter vi här i tropikerna och skriver denna blog post, sikadorerna och grodorna härs i bakgrunden och den ljuva kvällen smeker oss med sin svala bris. Känns otroligt härligt med värmen som man äntligen kan njuta av då den svenska sommaren inte varit superbra. Som tidigare skrivet, glöm ej att prenumerera på vår kanal på Youtube, du kan göra det genom att KLICKA HÄR!

Nu skall vi in och ta ett härligt bad här på underbara B***
Ljus och Kärlek från oss!

Our first Bali durian for the season!

Two days ago we enjoyed our first Bali durian for this season and let us tel you it was a good friend back in bussines.

Durian by the pool

We had seen some on some street stalls but not any that we thinker looked good. so we did not by any as we want the first durian for the season to be memerabol.

Two days ago we went to our lovely Balinese friend and his family to visit them. When we ware leaving his wife came with a big bag of fruits, a big bunch of bananas (Pisang Andong), 2 papayas, 3 mangoes and in a nother bag….  Durian or as we cal him Mr D. We could smell the lovely aroma when she came walking with the bag.
So so lovely of them as they know we love fruits and especially durian. She found it on the local market earli in the morning as she her self sells there.

This is such a nice thing of them to do as they don’t have so much money. They are so genuine, friendly and we are so happy we have become friends.

As we ware walking back to the resort, we ware so happy to have a durian in the bag. But we did not have so big expectations as it’s in the beginning of the season.

Straight away when we came to the resort we ripped it open with love.

A durian is so amazing, always a suprice. It’s the moust exiting thing to open and eat. But it’s s fruit you have to share, not a fruit you can eat by yourself, otherwise it’s loses it’s magic.

As we opens the durian, we could se that people went in to there rooms and closed the dors, hi hi hi mabye they don’t like durian and the durian smell as much as we do 🙂 

We could smell it the whole day even have a perfume with the wonderful durian aroma, then you would always have a seat on the bus 🙂

This is what it looked like inside.

We ware so exited, we took each a pease and a some seconds of silence and then a mmmmmm aaaaa indicated that it was a good one. It was lightly yellow, big seeds but ok with durian flesh around it. Had a sweet but not to sweet tast, semi creamy, some pleases was really creamy. It was a 5,5 out of 10 durian if you only compare with the other Bali Durian’s we have eaten. We ware in durian heaven.

A family we had talked to came out and we offered them to try, but they sad  ~no but thank you, we tryed it in Thailand but did not like it. 

So we sat there in the gazebo next to the pool and pease after pease enjoyed it. The worst thing with eating durian is that after it’s finished you only want more and more and wished you had some more to dig in to. It’s so addicting!

We filmed when we opened it, here is a video from our Instagram @makethatraw

Klick here to watch the video

Now the durian hunts begines for two durian addict like us, to find the best ones out there. The best thing is that the durian season in Bali probably is to the end of April and we know the best hidden spots to find the greatest ones. But still a lot of places to explore.
Lots of durian love from us!

Travel with us to a secret destination!

Now it´s time for us to go out on some amazing adventures again! We start from Stockholm, Arlanda Airport. You will have the pleasure to join us during the whole trip! But we start here on the airport were we checked in to Clarion Hotel Arlanda and we have made a video blog of our first night towards this secret destination!
Here is the video!!


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