Hi Beautiful Soul!
We are Tobias,Melanie and Aurora from Love Conscious Family, when we knew that Melanie was pregnant (due November 20 2017) we moved to Bali 2 months before the birth was taking place. That because we wanted to have a home birth in Bali and it was te most natural way to give a new life the best way to grow up. At home were she was born and around us so she could feel safe and secure.

This is the reason why we now started this new journey as “Love Conscious Family” before we went under the name as MT World and we are very happy to bring you with us in this fantastic time!

We are a Swedish couple that love everything with healthy happy lifestyle and to inspire people from all around the world to live a happier and more environment friendly life and be more aware of taking care of mother earth. We are digital nomads and love traveling, exploring new places, healthy food and simply just inspire other people to a better life.

You can also follow our journey on YouTube were we have our English channel Love Conscious Family were you can see Pregnancy Videos, our home birth video from Bali,  Travel vlogs, Recipes, we try fruit from all around the world and a lot more about healthy happy lifestyle.

Our origin is Swedish so we also have a YouTube channel called RåGo in the same topic but only in Swedish Language. Hope you will enjoy our Conscious Love Family page and if you want to come in contact with us you have all information on our Contact Page.

Lots of Love
Tobias, Melanie and Aurora
Love Conscious Family