Free hotel stays, free resort stays, free meals and products by use your Instagram is one way to work online. Or simply get paid by companies by market their products! Another is to earn money on youtube or your blog.
In this video we talk about how we earn our income and are able to travel and enjoy life the way we do. This been a requested video from our followers, so today we were out walking inn the beautiful rice fields of Bal1. We happened to have our camera with us so we decided to shot this video about our earnings and how we make a living by our passion.
So todays “Random Wednesday is about how we earn our money!
Disclaimer: This might sound easy but it is not for everyone and it takes time, hard work, blood sweat and tears and be persistent to be able to do this. Long as you have a vision and a goal and know that nothing can stop you you have all chances to success!


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