HOW TO MAKE WATER KEFIR THE BEST WAY! (step by step guide)


Water Kefir is a super healthy probiotic drink similar to Kombucha but only takes 4 days to make. Today we show you how to make fantastic water kefir the best way. It is lot of way you can make water kefir, but this is by far the most easy way to make this beautiful drink, water kefir  is also perfect for making a healthy soft drink for your kids full of healthy bacteria.

I this video you learn:

  • How to make water kefir
  • How to prepare water kefir
  • How to flavor water kefir
  • How to take care of water kefir grains
  • How to use water kefir
  • What water kefir taste like
  • How to make sparkling water kefir




You’ll need the following supplies to make water kefir, most of which can be found in the Water Kefir Starter Kit. For more information on what supplies work best (and what to avoid) read our tutorial: Choosing the Best Equipment for Making Water Kefir.

A glass jar

A plastic or wood stirring utensil

A towel, butter muslin or paper coffee filter to use as a covering for the jar

A band to secure the covering such as a rubber band or jar ring.

A fine mesh strainer for removing the grains from the finished water kefir


Please note, if your water kefir grains are in a dehydrated state, you’ll need to to activate the grains prior to making water kefir. You can also make coconut water kefir, just follow our recipe.

Rehydrated Water Kefir Grains

1/4 cup sugar per quart of water

Water (free of chlorine and fluoride)

To learn more about other the types of sugar you can use or ways to supplement your water, read our tutorial on Choosing Ingredients for Making Water Kefir.


Pour 1/4 cup sugar in to the jar.

Add 1/2 cup hot water.

Swirl to dissolve the sugar.

Add 3 cups room temperature or cool water.

Check the temperature of the liquid to make sure it’s room temperature ( 68°-85°F.)

Add the water kefir grains

Cover the jar and place in a warm spot, 68°-85°F, to culture for 24-48 hours.

After culturing is complete, prepare a new batch of sugar water, (steps 1-4 above).

Separate kefir grains from the finished water kefir.

Place kefir grains in the new batch of sugar water.

The finished water kefir is now ready to consume, flavor, bottle, or store in the refrigerator.

Lots of Love
Tobias and Melanie

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