In this episode of our pregnancy series Melanie talk about what type of vegan supplements she take during the pregnancy. When you are pregnant it is really important that you give the baby and yourself all the nutrients you need to have a healthy pregnancy. Especially it is even more important that you know what to take on a vegetarian diet, vegan diet or hlatbased diet when you are pregnant.

In this video you will see what type of supplements Melanie take during the stages of her pregnancy. It is very important that you check what you need to build up your baby with and some of the are very essential.

Take pills with supplements during a good pregnancy could be some of the most important thing for a healthy baby, as it takes a lot of resources from the body to be pregnant. With this video we like to inspire people to be aware of vitamins and enzymes, oils you should take if you need them.

Remember a healthy pregnancy will most likely get a well developed child happy and healthy. Things you could eat is for example b12, c-vitamin c, iron, folate etc.

So hope you enjoy this video and get inspired of it so you can get the best pregnancy experience you can possibly have!
Love and Blessings
Tobias and Melanie



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