To have a confident birth, and a birth without fear is one of the most important thing while it is time to go into labour. Trust yourself, trust you can do this, trust how to act and be confident that you are the fantastic person that will give life to a new born baby, Welcome a new soul to this planet!

We have interviewed Susanna Heli the author of the book Confident birth or Föda utan rädsla in Swedish. She talk about how to give birth in a gentle way without fear and about her profilax course that we went on as well as share her own personal experience and knowledge of one of the most beautiful thing in the world, giving birth to a new life!

Here is the video Interview:

About the book Confident Birth:
“Women have an innate ability to give birth, a knowledge that has been acquired through thousands of years of evolution. Yet all too often fear and stress can get in the way and block the natural process of childbirth. In this inspiring new book, Susanna Heli, an experienced doula and physiotherapist, shows how childbirth can be transformed by understanding how fear can affect birth and how it is possible to overcome it by using four simple, dynamic and effective tools to rediscover the inner power to give birth. The tools are equally effective whichever type of birth you choose, and whether or not you have given birth before. A birth partner can play a key role in preventing worry and fear during birth. The book offers practical advice to help the birth partner support the labouring woman. Confident Birth will give you and your birth partner all the tools you need to cope with the challenges of childbirth, and make it an empowering and positive experience.”


Buy the book:



Home Page of Susanna Heli:

Hope you enjoyed this blogpost, and do you want to know more about different birthing techniques and way of giving birth, please comment in the comment field, also if you attended any of Susanna s Profylax courses and how your experience was!

Lots of Love!
Tobias and Melanie

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