In this video Tobias give you as partner tips how you can help your pregnant partner during the pregnancy. Your Woman is a queen and she care something special in her belly, something you both created by love, passion and respect for each other. But as partner it can be difficult somethings to know how you can help your loved one during her pregnancy. This is also something it is hard to find good information about.

Tobias put this video together were he share his best tips for how you can help, support and be there for your princess when she needs you.

To care a child have often with you different things like nausea , back pain etc so it is very important to be a team in this, if you don’t carry the baby you can do a lot to make it more easy for your pregnant partner.


With this video we share som of our best ways to do that. Remember you can do a lot. Hope you like this video and share it to other people who can benefit of it. We are all here to help each other to make the best pregnancy for our loved one we can!

Lots of Love
Tobias and Melanie

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