Todays outfit!

This night Aurora tried her baby nest for the first time! She loved it, we loved to see her cozying with it as soon she lay down. In it!

All of the clothes we have for Aurora is Organic or second hand as we dont want her to get chemicals from the clothing. This babynest is from Danmark and called Snabel Reden. We reall love it as well as , she really like to lay in it and you can see she feels comfortable and safe.

Also it’s so nice to look at as well it’s made from so good materials (Gots Certified) that is 100% organic/ natural and are not treated with bad things, so baby safe.

During the night se only have a t-shirt on as we are in Bali and it’s more hot here. This shirt is super cute and have a hart on the pocket and seas darling in Swedish on the back from Lundmyr of Sweden.

This night was also her first time having a cloth diaper. She haven’t had any diapers since birth as we do elimination communication. So the first 10 days she havent used a single diaper of any kind.

Lots of beautiful sleeps and happy dreams

Melanie, Tobias and Aurora

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