Durian hunting in Bali!

If you are following our lifestyle and travels you know we are big durian lovers, durian addicts, durian fanatics, you can cal it in many ways. 

2 durian lovers

For us It’s the best thing to eat in the whole world.

The durian season here are just starting and you can find some durian but it’s not yet really easy and also we are really picky and know the good ones from the bad.

We had been craving durian for manny days and decided to go for a durian hunt to a area we know moust of the time you can find durian during the season.

So of we went durian hunting. It’s s a around 45 minutes drive with motorbike from Ubud ware we live. Durian hunting is one of the best things we know, because it’s always a fun adventure and you never know what amazing things you will find or come home empty handed. 

So did we find anything this durian hunt?

We made a video to our Bali Instagram @bali.licious 

So follow us there!! There we share a lot about our yummy exiting lifestyle in Bali.

Enjoy the video!!!

With a lot of durian love and many more durian adventures to come.

Melanie and Tobias

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