Organic house inspiration! Our vision!

Think about how wonderful it would be to build and live in an Organic/natural house in and with mother nature! With natural materials and foused on the natural surroundings.

To be able to wake up refreshed and the first you se is materials and plants from mother nature.

A house build with natural materials that are good for your health, mind, spirit and the earth.

A lot of wood, stone, plants, water etc

A wonderful place to come home to between our travels, ware our kids can run around and be close to nature. Were we can grow our own vegetables, herbs, fruits and berries inside, outside and in a greenhouse.

To have a open space with natural ventilation. Have a guesthouse/ room so friends and family can come and visit.

This is our dream!

We are planing to sometime soon make this our reality.

There are so many cool organic and natural houses, it’s so fantastic to see that more people are seeking a more natural way of living that is also good for the health and planet.

Here are some of all the cool wooden, organic, natural houses we look at and take inspiration from.

We also want to have a outdoor kitchen. When we have lived a lot in Bali and have rented house there, we always had a outdoor kitchen. It’s so fantastic when the wether allowes to be able to be outside in the fresh air and prepare food.

The food always tast better when you prepare and eat it outside in the nature.

Like we always say

Put a lot of love onto your food and the food will put the love into you.

Would be so fantastic to have an outdoor or half outdoor bathroom. This is also a thing we had in Bali and fell in love with. Think about laying in the bathtub/taking a shower and looking up at the stars, that’s magic.

We have so many cool ideas and things we want to create, but this is some of them.

We can already se ourself there, it’s like we already have it. We visualize this every day and before we know it it’s going to be our reality.

It’s going to be so fantastic to live in a calm enviormet close to nature. To grow our own food, wake up refreshed and know we live in a healthy enviorment.

It’s going to be awesome to be able to share this with you. We want to do live videos, show how the house/garden coming together, recipe videos from the outdoor kitchen, blogs and vlogs, show how to grow your own organic fruits, vegetables etc, how we live our conscious lifestyle in the house, natural family tips, a lot of organic furnishing, yoga, spirituality etc

We have so many plans already. It’s going to be so wonderful to show how we live in this magical place and give you a lot of inspiration and tips.

Lots of love and vizializations

Melanie, Tobias and the little miracle.

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