As some of you know we have passion for traveling and another main interest is eating and explore new dishes and restaurants around the world. In this blog post we will reveal our Top 7 Vegan Restaurants in the World. The list have no specific order it is just 7 of the best restaurants we been eaten at. Hope you will like this guide to our hidden places in the world were we had our best Vegan gastronomic moments, so lets start!

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 09.55.20
Beautiful plated food at Moksa, Ubud, Bali

1. Moksa, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia:
This is a fantastic Vegan restaurant located in Penestanan that is a small village just a few minutes from central Ubud with a fantastic view over rice fields and their own vaist garden. This is a beautiful calm place and the owners are former workers from the legendary fine dining vegan/rawfood place called Sakti dining Room™ by Fivelements.  . This guys serve fantastic food beautifully plated. You can get everything from rice rolls in coconut paper to their own vegan version of “filet mignon” with Jackfruit instead of meat. This is a fantastic gastronomic journey from starter to dessert!

They also arrange their own Farmers Market were you can buy everything from organic skincare products to fresh organic fruit and vegetables from local farmers on Saturdays 10AM-2PM.

If you are in Bali don´t let this restaurant pass by, the friendly staff, the garden and the love they putting into the food.
Opening Hours: TUE-SUN 10AM-9PM
Instagram: @moksaubud

Here is a Video a restaurant review we made from Moksa:


Sourdough Pasty at Kvass Bar och Råkök, Eskilstuna, Sweden
Sourdough Pasty at Kvass Bar och Råkök, Eskilstuna, Sweden
2. Kvass Bar och Råkök, Eskilstuna, Sweden:
This is one of the top vegan restaurants we visited in Sweden, surprisingly not in the capital Stockholm but 110 kilometers from there in a small town called Eskilstuna. Here you can find fantastically made rawfood, microbiotic food and vegan food. The place also serve the special Polish drink “Kvass” which is a fermented drink similar to Kombucha and they have it in a lot of different flavours such as pine tree/beetroot.

The food is just made with love and feels genuine and home made. They have everything from flatbread Pizza to sourdough pasty, smoothies and rawfood microbiotic salads. If you visit Sweden we really recommend to visit Kvass only 50 minutes by train from Stockholm Central Station.

Location: Drottningatan 8, Eskilstuna, Sweden
Instagram: @kvassbar
Contact: +46 72-014 35 30

Here is a video we made from Kvass (it is in Swedish but if you don+t understand the language the food can talk for itself)


Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 15.50.11
Situated in Old Town in Tallinn, Estonia you find Vegan Restoran V
3.. Vegan Restoran V, Tallinn, Estonia
When we went to Tallinn, Estonia we honestly did not expect much on the Vegan Food eating out places so Vegan Restoran V took us with storm. Situated in Old Town in Tallinn it is beautiful placed in one of the old brick houses. When you step in if feels that you are in a very luxurious restaurant. The prices is really good and you get fantastic meals for around 10-12 EUR. This is the type of restaurant were you feel everything you eat, every spice that are in the dish description in every bite and not anything over spiced.

We absolutely love this beautiful cosy romantic Vegan restaurant and we even consider just take the ferry (12h) from Stockholm here just to eat at Vegan Resturan V.

Opening Hours: 12PM-11PM
Instagram: @veganrestoran
Adres: Rataskaevu 12, Tallinn


Pituq Café
Pituq Café, Gilli Trawagan, Indonesia

4. Pituq Cafe, Gilli Trawagan, Indonesia
Between Bali and Lombok there are an Island group called Gilli Islands were you can take ferry to from both locations. There are three islands and one of them are called Gilli Trawagan, it is most known as a party Island and we did not like it to much, but what we like is this hidden secret on the island called Petuq Cafe. This amazing vegan restaurant serve fantastic Vegan food and Rawfood, the owner is from Finland and together with her Indonesian husband they make this place glow. When we were here they talked about open a restaurant in Lombok as well, so it might have done it by this time. They are famous for their Jackfuit in Yellow Curry, but our favorite there is the Urap Urap that is veggies mixed in shredded coconut.

Anyhow if you stay on the other Gilli Islands (which is no party places and much calmer) it is totally worth a trip over with taxi boat for a delicious vegan expreriance.

Location: Jl. Ikan Duyung,
Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Indonesia
Instagram: @pituqcafe

Here is a video vlog from Gilli T and Petuq Cafe


Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 17.48.21
One of the best egan Green Cury we ever had, La View Resturant, Bali
5. La View Resturant at Kupu Kupu Barong Resort, Bali, Indonesia
This is actually not a Vegan restaurant but if you want vegan meal you have to book in advance. We did that and got served one of the most amazing 4 course vegan dinner we ever had! The Chef is fantastic and he just knew what we could eat and not eat and made the dishes after our criteria s. the green curry is just to die for, fantastic flavour with tofu and tempe perfectly cooked with hot spices and coconut milk, rice rolls rolled to the perfection, pumpkin soup and fruits, fantastic juices! This is heaven on earth for a luxurious dining vegan. Not to mention the staff and Chef was super sweet and the service was fantastic!

La View is situated in the Kupu Kupu Barong Resort just a couple of kilometers outside Ubud in Bali. It has a fantastic view over the forest and river. You can also book special seating places for VIP dining as well as “The Birds Nest” for extra private romantic dining, lunch or breakfast. Promise us to go here and be sure to book in advance for Vegan Meals.

Location: Kupu Kupu Barong Ubud
Instagram: @kupubarong
Contact: For reservation at La View Restaurant or for a romantic dinner over the Infinity Pool or at Bird Nest, please send an email to


Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 19.04.38
Portobello plank steak at Villa Godthem, Sweden

6. Villa Godthem, Stockholm, Sweden
Villa Godhem is situated in beautiful Djurgården in Stockholm close to the amusement park Gröna Lund and Skansen. This is actually as well not a specific Vegan Restaurant, more a fine dining restaurant but it have made a vegan starter, main course and dessert. what can we say, they make it to perfection, starter is a beet carpaccio with herb salad, main course is portobello filled with tomato concassé served with chanterelles, cucumber vinaigrette & pommes duchesse and the dessert is cold citrus salad with pineapple sorbet. All of this dishes is top notch!

All things you get in your mouth taste perfect and you can feel every spice and get all textures in every bite. The atmosphere is also all you need for a romantic dining experience and the waiters are all you need about service. Most of their food is non vegan which also bring the opportunity to dine with family and friends that not is vegan and all can have a fantastic dinning experience together!

Also here we strongly recommend to book a table in advance as Villa Godthem often fills up.
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Instagram: @villagodthem
Contact: For reservation

Here is a video of our Vegan dining experience at Villa Godthem


Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 11.49.05
Were food become an art, Elements Restaurant, Bali
7. Five Elements and Sakti dining Room™, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Five Elements resort is situated a couple of kilometers outside Ubud, Bali and there you find this superior fine dining rawfood and vegan restaurant! This is were you get art on a plate were you eat with all your senses! It is fine dining so don´t expect to big portions but the combination of everything you get served is just an amazing combo! Like for an example the salad we ordered (see picture above) was make like a flower meadow with even its own eatable soil.

We had a 3 course rawfood dinner here, but they also serves vegan cooked food that we heard is incredible, so we will try it next time. We really recommend to try this restaurant out and as well while you here you can stay at the resort or try some of their SPA treatments.

Location: Ubud, Bali
Instagram: @fivelementsretreats

Here is our Restaurant Review from Elements


Hope you enjoyed this blog post of our top 7 Vegan restaurants in the world. We would love to hear your comments about if you been to any of those restaurants, or if you have any other good vegan restaurants we should pay a visit as we love to explore vegan food from all around the world. We also recommend to subscribe to our blog to get more inspiration about conscious lifestyle all around the world.

If you have a vegan restaurant you want us to come and try don´t hesitate to  CONTACT us and see were we are in the world and perhaps we come and try your Vegan Restaurant out and see if it can be our new favorite!

With that said, have a beautiful day, and keep your eye up for next exiting blog post!
Lots of Love
Tobias and Melanie
Love Conscious Family

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